At bob’s SUPER SMOOTH™ we understand that as we continue to grow, so will our environmental footprint. Reducing that environmental footprint through good business practices and a host of green initiatives is a key value of bob’s SUPER SMOOTH™.


LOCAL: bob’s bottles are made locally in Ontario and are made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) 1, the most recyclable plastic currently used in this industry. bob’s bottles weigh only 40 grams each when empty, which is six times lighter than traditional glass bottles. This means the transportation of bob’s products results in less greenhouse gases (Co2 emissions). bob’s SUPER SMOOTH™ bottles are strong and unbreakable making them a safe choice in environments where broken glass poses a problem.

RECYCLABLE: bob’s bottles are also much easier to break down during recycling, requiring less energy to shred the PET, then to melt down glass. bob's single use bottles are not necessarily single use! The bottles actually have a much longer life span as recycled materials then as bob’s bottles. The deposit programs implemented by our retail partners ensures a high rate of customer return, and therefore recycling, than other bottles and plastics that have no return monetary value to consumers. bob’s bottles work their way through the LCBO's recycling system in Ontario, ending up at a Canadian recycling business where they are then sold to companies that make car parts, clothing, and other plastics.


PLA CUPS: In an effort to reduce waste at events and trade shows, in 2009 our sister company, Black Fly, sourced a biodegradable sampling cup and has since used 3oz PLA corn based biodegradable cups, for all sample tastings, and 16oz biodegradable cups for sale events. Shortly thereafter Black Fly converted a major industry sampling company to make the switch over to Black Fly's green supplier and they started using these cups for all of their tasting jobs and events.


RECYCLING: bob's team is committed to reducing waste at all levels, from staff sorting and recycling any business materials that do not have bins within our industrial area, to larger initiatives that involve large recycling companies. Bottles, corrugate and shipping containers at bob’s are all recyclable. All of these raw materials are recyclable after use. bob’s uses a local recycling business to support its programs, and commends its staff for initiating and committing to these green programs.